Created to conduct scientific research and deepen international cooperation in the Baltic region, the «Baltic Go-ahead Elephants» Analytical Group is a unique experienced community taking advantage of its geographical position, specific approach to analytical activity and the effective use of staff potential.

By choosing the right development strategy, the «Baltic Go-ahead Elephants» Analytical Group acquired a status of the leading analytical centre in Northwest Russia for the countries within the Baltic region by 2002-2003.

The high quality level of expert analysis provided that the largest Russian companies – clients of the «Baltic go-ahead elephants» Analytical Group in addition to the analytical research and PR-support of their projects in Northwest Russia and Northern Europe gradually began to perceive the «Baltic go-ahead elephants» Analytical Group as an external source of the objective analysis of issues of different levels of complexity.

The principal of outstripping analytics implemented in 2005 and constant monitoring of information (using specialized sources of information) allows us to answer complex questions in the field of politics or industries quickly.
Our database on industries and the social and political spectrum, whilst constantly monitoring all relevant news results in the following products of the «Baltic Go-ahead Elephants» Analytical Group:

  1. information digest,
  2. analytical reference,
  3. investment inquiry,
  4. industry overview.