Draft Action Plan
Datum: 30.09.2009

Draft Action Plan

Elephants are smart and kind-hearted. And at all times, elephants help people. Mission of the “Baltic Go-ahead Elephants” Analytical Group – is to create comfortable living conditions in the Baltic Sea region for all population groups, business and trade, political communities and civil society, as well as to develop cultural and axiological variety.

In-depth analysis of the Russian Federation involvement in the Baltic sea region phenomena by the example of the Russia-Finland co-operation made it clear that:

  • in Russia, the most intense political, social and business will for cooperation with the Baltic sea region is seen in the Northwestern Federal District;
  • the efficiency of social, political and economical solutions is increased when delegating discussion and decision making powers to regions, federal subjects and municipalities;
  • Russia’s concern in the Baltic sea region on the social, political, cultural and economical levels is in high demand.
  • The increase potential of Russia’s involvement in the Baltic sea region phenomena are reduced by the following:

  • inconsistency between the daily wants of certain population groups or economical trades (common to all mankind, universal needs) and the decisions made (specific to Europe or national ones);
  • inconsistency between the Russia-Baltic co-operation potential and the political will;
  • information space is volatile and attitudes to Russia, Russian citizens and legal entities from the side of different population groups of the Baltic sea region countries are underdetermined;
  • inconformity of development level of banking system between Russia and Finland to the level of Russia-Finland business co-operation;
  • excessive number of “unwanted”, “empty” small mediators in interaction between subjects of Russia and foreign countries of the Baltic sea region;
  • monopoly of small number of “dilapidated”, archaic institutions supervising the political co-operation between the subjects from the Russian side in the Baltic sea region; declarativity instead of real research or lack of political conclusions for single-purpose industrial projects.

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